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My 7 year old has broken her wrist. how long does it take to mend in a child?

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Inactive 11 Aug 2010

You have to take your princess to the ER and get a cast for her wrist ASAP,

and ask the doctor, but her wrist must be inmovalized.-

sunko 11 Aug 2010

she is in a plaster already, but with all the stress i forgot to ask !!

Inactive 11 Aug 2010

That is good ( the plaster) it should take 6 tops weeks, but do ask I might be wrong.

Keep me posted please I have a 10 old princess myself.-

sunko 11 Aug 2010

we are back up A&E next monday, so i will remember this time. many thanks

Inactive 11 Aug 2010

No problems... I hope you guys are well.-

RSDHurtzme 12 Aug 2010

At her age I fractured my own wrist and was in a plaster cast also. It only took 6 to 8 weeks to have the cast removed as X rays showed it had healed and I've never had any reoccurring problems from it now at age 42.
I hope this eases your mind but she will have a much smaller wrist/arm when the cast is removed and this is normal. She will need to be careful for many weeks afterward but will most likely be fine. free discount card

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