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My 5year old son has been has been diagnosed with ADHD. What medicine works with his age group?

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itsmetoo2 10 Mar 2010

I would cut down on the sugars in his diet. Also go more natural, like food without artificial food colors.
With that said see a nutritionist if you are unsure on a balance diet for him.
Jumping to meds. at that age is a big jump.

rdrgz_rsa 10 Mar 2010

Thank you.. Even before the doctor confirmed it for me I kept him away from sugar. It was like an enemy in my home. I'm trying to gain some kind of control in my home. Thank you for the advice, and if you have anymore please let me know.

itsmetoo2 10 Mar 2010

I am an 2nd degree brown belt in JuJitsu, and this is what I have seen time and time again. Their grades go from D's to C's and A's. Just because of Respect. I hope this helps you and your son.

itsmetoo2 10 Mar 2010

Even at 5 years old they can learn... chin up, he will be fine. Make sure he is in a class of kids his own age.

rdrgz_rsa 11 Mar 2010

Thank you all for your suggestions and advise. What kind of diet should he be on? He doesn't like fast foods, he likes real food, rice, beans, meat, veggies, fruits, etc. I keep him away from soda most juices, and most if not all candies. I've also signed him up for t-ball.

clm1970 13 Mar 2010

Hello, from a medical perspective, many, many "knee jerk' reactions by psychiatric and other prescribing persons is to medicate away. Not a good idead. First, before any psychotropic medication intervention is even considered and pondered, he should be referred to a neurologist for a comprehensive neurological work-up to ensure that the behaviors he is displaying are not those of some type of neurological deficit or seizure disorder. Even if a neurologist completes an EEG (electroencephlagram) and these turn out to be normal, these are not diagnositic in themselves. Even with the normal EEG, he still may have some type of seizure disorder that can comonly mimic a psychiatric disorder such as ADHD. free discount card

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