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My 38 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant and is taking xanax. Is there a problem here?

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catfish1966 19 Dec 2011

IF DR. Gave them to her l think everthing b alrite but. if not I would tell her DR. May b piss at u now but will think u later. I don't know how she is getting them but u of luck & GODBLESS ALL 3 OF YALL

ygivens25 10 Jan 2013

Yes it can cause harm to the baby nd her as well. She need to let her physcian know she's tking xanax.

Inactive 19 Dec 2011

Welcome to the site sharla,
When I was pregnant, actually before I started trying to get pregnant, I went off of all my psych meds including my benzodiazepine, of which Xanax is one of the most popular benzos out in the US at present. My obstetrician told me not to take any medications at all. So with the advice of my OB and a trip to my psychiatrist, I stopped all meds. I knew the risks, but I wanted a baby.
First,a 38 is a bit old to be hatving a first child, if that is the case. That has it 's own set of problems. I am desperately hoping that your daughter has informed the OB about her Xanax use and that they have decided the benefits of taking Xanax out weigh the risks of taking the medication. I have no way of knowing why, or her particular situation that makes the need to take the med.

Inactive 20 Dec 2011

Hi Sharla & welcome to the site. I don't think your daughter should be taking xanax while preganant, & think her doctor would agree. I am giving you the Xanax site to read what it has to say about pregnancy & using xanax. I hope this has helped & you can show it to her & she will talk with her doctor before it affects her baby. Good luck... free discount card

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