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My 2 year old son has been prescribed phenergan and I wondered if anyone had any experiences it?

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fall queen 13 Oct 2010

Hi, I take phenergan for nausea, it is an antihistimane (spelling), but I am in my early 50's. If you want to read about it you can on the very top of this site. I don't take it very often and my dose .25 mgs. I am sure your pediatrician had a good reason to put him on it. It does make me tired though. If you have any serious concerns call your pharmacist, or better yet your son's pediatrition. Good Luck. Fall Queen

christineATU 13 Oct 2010

Hi Fall Queen :-) please check your mail. I've been thru you know where and back all day. Thanks for helping with this medication. Miss you much!

Delila 20 Oct 2010

Hi what has your son been prescribed it for? It was suggested to me to take to help with insomnia, and it is good for this condition. Also i have taken it when travelling to eleviate nausea on long journeys when being drowsy isn't a problem. I've not suffered any side effects from it and if used with care it is a good medication. Just for your information, if overdosed it can cause extreme sedative effects and also coma, but this is if you were very irresponsible, which i'm sure you are not. free discount card

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