He has had 4 LPs in the last 4 weeks, 2 after starting the Diamox, he only ways 90lbs and takes 750mg a day - he was on 1,000mg a day but they decreased it because is PH level in his blood was acidic. He now takes Bicitra to help control that. He still has tingling, can't drink soda, appetite is down, sleeps a lot - does it get better with time? And on a good day, when he feels up to it and tries to play with his friends... it seems the more active he is the headaches come back... could his pressure still be going up when he exercises? It's kind of hard to tell a 12 year old boy to take it easy, on a good day, when he is missing out on being with his friends on the bad days. Any feedback would be appreciated... We still have 3 weeks before we see the neurologist and sometimes the headaches are so bad I have considered taking him back to the ER but I don't want him to have to endure another LP.