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My 12 year old daughter out of her Ritalin and dr can't see her for 5 days, is this safe?

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DzooBaby 17 Aug 2011

She may feel a little tired and her thoughts may not be very focused but it wont hurt her physically. my son is on Concerta (which is methylphenidate-same medicine as Ritalin only longer acting) and he skips his on weekends, longer school holidays like Christmas, Spring break etc. and he does fine. He may be a little draggy the first day or so and I notice his concentration isnt as good but it doent hurt him so your daughter should be fine. Optimally the meds should be taken daily and when my son was younger we did do this but as he's gotten older his coping is better and he is able to contain himself better as far as behavior but he does know his focus is not as good so he takes it while in school. Dont worry. It wont hurt her to go without for a few days. I assume we are talking about ADD ADHD here. free discount card

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