For over a year, after 2 years of pain in her stomach and head, my daughter was diagnoised with Abdonimal migraines. It begins like a "normal"migraine: flashes of light, spots in front of eyes, then intense pain in her frontal lobe. With 2 mins, the sever pain goes directly to her stomach and stays there, with her head pain, for approx. 72 hours. She is always in pain - its just a matter of degree. She goes to acupunuture, counseling, has cranial/stomach massages every week. She has had an EEG ( normal) and every bloodwork possible. She has had great doctors - from Harvard and participated in their pain clinic 2 months ago. She has tried an array of medications - none work. Abdominal migraines do not have a medicine to stop it; its a hit or miss by trying drugs that are intended for other use ( antidepressants, antihistamines, heart medicine, anorxia, etc). She misses at least 2 days of school per week; her world is becoming too small for a bright, funny, healthy kid. Can anyone helpr give hopeful advice?