I am 18 years old, I got my wisdom teeth removed over spring break and I had a hard time with bowel movements while on the pain relievers prescribed by the doctor. It hurt when I had bowel movements causing me to think I had a hemorrhoid. My father gave me Preparation H to help. The Preparation H got every where, from my rectum to my vagina. Later that week I broke out in blisters. The blisters remained for a couple days so I decided to see a gynecologist, she believed the blisters to be herpes. She took a culture and I came back negative for STDs but the culture did not test for herpes. It has been four months since the outbreak and I have not had any outbreaks. I have done research and most internet sites say during the first year a person should have 4-5 outbreaks. All I have is musty smelling vaginal discharge. I can smell when I am sitting in a chair, on the couch, in criss cross apple sauce and I'm not sure if I notice it more because it is constantly on my mind or if it really is noticeable Is it possible. I could just have a vaginal infection since I have not had any outbreaks recently? What kind of test should I get done to test for vaginal infections and herpes? I have not been sexually active in fear that I will pass it along to someone else. I would just like to know if I have herpes or not. And would you happen to know any places in Orlando I could be tested for free since I am a college student?