So about 2 weeks ago I started having these involuntary muscle contractions and twitches. I am a 21 year old female very active and suffering from anxiety/panic disorder. I am very much into fitness and started eating a high protein diet about 3 weeks ago cutting out sugar and eating mostly very clean. My goal was to build muscle and reduce body fat so I started creatine loading, taking L-carnitine, whey protein and BCAA which are all supplements that help the body in sports performance. I have been pushing myself a little too hard hoping to see muscle growth faster (5-7 strength training a week for over an hour and a half). I'm not sure if that would be considered over training but the twitches are all day everyday in my whole body; legs, arms, back, shoulders... very annoying and scary. I went to the emergency twice for it and they ran bloodworks and I had no apparent deficiencies. The twictches are making panic quite frankly making me think this is the first sign of ALS, MS or Parkinson's. Like I said above I suffer from anxiety and take 20mg Paxil daily. I don't know if the twitches are caused by the anxiety. I will be seeing a neurologist soon. Has anyone ever experienced something similar and what should I do?