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DzooBaby 22 Aug 2013

This is hard to answer since everyone is different in what works for them. They say the best medicine for truly relaxing muscles is diazepam or Valium but most Drs wont prescribe it because there are too many other muscle relaxants that work well and are not nearly as habit forming. Soma is another good muscle relaxant but it is also a controlled substance and many Drs are becoming reluctant to prescribe it. Flexeril (cyclobenzeprine) is a very good muscle relaxant but can cause profound drowsiness in some and dry mouth. Baclofen is a good drug for spasms. It used to be used primarily for people with spastic illnesses but now more Drs are using it to treat back pain. Zanaflex (tizanidine) is very good but can make some very drowsy and dizzy. Robaxin is good. Skelaxin is a good choice if you need to be alert because it doesnt cause drowsiness like the others do. For true muscle relaxing (and not just general relaxation/sedation, I would say Soma or Flexeril works best. Tizanidine is not bad either but it did make me profoundly sleepy and sometimes it seemed to actually cause my back to "grab up" more. Soma and Flexeril are just like "ahhhh" and they make all the spasms melt away.

ElizaJane23 23 Aug 2013

Flexeril works best for me - I've tried the others but Flexeril wins for me. Take care - EJ23 free discount card

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