... thank u all - I don't feel so alone! I am a Dr's worst nightmare - I have so many diff diseases & some of them r rare enough 2 they belong on a House episode :-) They range from things like Malabsortion Syndrome & GERD severe enough that I've set records & had 5 of my 16 surgeries for to the chronic pain stuff like severe osteoarthritis basically everywhere, degenerative spinal d/o, bulging & compressed discs, and a congenital defect in both knees that no one's ever seen! All of this means I take a lot of meds & am hypercareful about keeping track of everything cause I learned the hard way that u can't always trust ur Docs 2. Fortunately, my job requires me to be good at research, stats, research design, etc. Sorry, enough rambling about my background (having a wicked pain day) so on 2 my question: My PM doc just arbitrarily took me off Soma & on Zanaflex (which is contraindicated w/ some of my other meds) & I've been *miserable*. I researched all the muscle relaxers on this site & am so confused. Flexeril was the only one other than Soma that I might be able 2 take w/out contraindications w/ other meds. So question 1- it's gotten mixed reviews here - anybody have any luck w/ it? Question 2 - I know there r lots of meds that we aren't sure how or why they work, but from all I read about Soma, that's one that *really* seems like "why the hell does this work?". I know it worked 4 me but I don't know how or why. Should I take the "if it's not broke don't fix it" approach w/ both my doc & myself? Question 3 - since I hit Ripley's Believe it or Not on all things medically weird, I can't take pain meds the way "normal" people can. Everybody at the hospital call me the "cheap date" :-) All I can handle w/out getting violently nauseated is 2.5mg of Norco & the same w/ Roxycodone. Does anyone else have this problem? Oh & I can't vomit (side effect of gastro surgeries) so Good Times! I know the addiction controversies re: Soma but even my doc knows I can't get addicted 2 anything even if I tried (my sis is a recovering addict & I've seen her take 10 Norco at the same time - I'd love 2 be able 2 take one!). I have to halve Soma but it really does help. Is it crazy unreasonable 2 want one of the few things I can take? Since Dr abrubtly stopped it a week ago (shouldn't he have at least titrated me off?) I feel there's something wrong w/ me 4 wanting a drug so much & I feel weak 4 letting the pain get 2 me so much that I've cried. I am SO sorry 4 how long this was. I guess I just needed 2 tell somebody, anybody who might understand. I would love any feedback on any of this. Thank you so much