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I am on muscle relaxers & antinflammatory. What can I take for pain?

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jenniferjordan063 19 Apr 2017

They told me I could take Advil or ibuprofen but I'd the call pharmacist and ask them tell them what kind of medicine u are on and they will tell u what u can take for it that's what I do when I'm not sure u should always ask before mixing.

jenniferjordan063 12 May 2017

Also I forgot if it's an anti inflammatory pill then don't anything with ibuprofen in it cause it's an anti inflammatory pill also..

Windchimes123 19 Apr 2017

Hi Jodi,
Jennifer gave you great advice.
Important fact...
People with kidney device should NOT take NSAIDs.
Best wishes

Windchimes123 19 Apr 2017

Sorry ... disease not device.
Damn autocorrect!
Lol free discount card

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