she began having pain shortly after beginning these drugs. Say, 9-12 days after. She also had weakness. It's kind of like muscle pain, movement triggers strong pain. About 3 weeks into the episode, her legs began feeling better and the pain and weakness migrated into her arms where it remains. We've tried several over the counter and prescription pain meds... so far none have helped. One doctor tried her on cogentin assuring us that he had worked with other patients who had this same problem. The drug did nothing for the pain, it only drugged my wife so bad she could'nt speak without slurring her words and seemed almost catatonic at times. Her doctors are almost ready to send her to a pain clinic to help but we don't want to cover up the pain with drugs. We want it taken care of or gone. Don't know what to do. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so please help.