I have been on Lipitor (10MG) for a little over two months. I am 71 and relatively healthy. My LDL which had always been borderline (100) had gone up to 160 so my doctor talked me into Lipitor. I have been getting awful pains in what seems like my muscles. Yesterday it was my neck and shoulder. It was so bad that I was not able to get my clothes off. Last week it was my back. One week the middle of the back and another week to the side and hip. Also sore knees at one time. I have had trouble with all these things in the past but it does not seem as though it has been as bad and also everyday it seems to be something. Do people seem to get muscle pain two months into taking the Lipitor? If you take yourself off the Lipitor how long does it take to feel better? has anyone had good luck with alternative medicine for high LDL? How about Cholestoff Plus by Nature Made?
Thank you,