Hello, 2-3 months ago I went to the gym after 6-7 months of not going, I did semi heavy weight for my max records, and I felt some tightness, all of this is whilst benching. I felt both my pecs tighten, on the outer sides. I thought it was the pump, never had it before. Fast forward a week, my soreness dissipates, but my pec/armpit/outer pecs/side pecs are all in pain. Go to doctor, general doctor, he says its just muscle pain. 2-3 months later, to this day, this pain is still here, and i feel it gets worse. He says its nothing of worry, but I'm not sure.. I have general anxiety disorder, I'm dealing with GERD and taking omeprazole 40mg once a day for around 2 months now, and I get pains on my neck, like pinched nerve pain, soreness/numbness/tingling/pain in my feet, elbow, hips, arms, shoulders, back, pecs/chest. Sometimes I think its something worse, but I get told its not. I sat down today and I moved my left arm and i felt something snap, like as if a wire snapped, and felt some pain in my shoulder down to my hand, throughout arm, it felt weird. Im not sure whats going on. I got a pinched nerve from benching as well, in my neck, never got treatment for it, it went away on its own, but came back when it wanted. Got told to get an MRI 2x to assess the damage on it, but never did in hope it'd go away and my fear/anxiety not allowing me to. What can I do to fix this? And what do you think is wrong? I bike 2-3x a week on my mountain bike, on the streets, and aside from that I'm on my computer all day playing an online game. It's restricting me from working out or doing anything physical activity to train myself. My doctor just dismisses it as if its just some minor pain, but doesnt dissipate. Also.. I started getting like scalp acne? Like i had a tiny red bump on my right temple for 2 weeks now, it hurts to touch, but doesnt seem to go away, and i'm having these painful spots on my head too recently, and veins popping out in my eyes, and blood spot once, that i never had before.