I am 22, female bodied (male identifying), and I eat and drink well and normally. I do not do drugs or smoke and I only consume alcohol on a social basis, which is semi-rarely (maybe once a month, if that?).

Not restricted to when I'm trying to sleep, for the past six years (if not more) I've had an issue where stillness or attempts at relaxation do little more than create an unignorable unsettlement, shaking, and eventual pain in nearly any or every muscle from head to toe. The more I ignore it the worse it gets. If I try very hard, I can remain still long enough that the muscles will even convulse, forcing themselves and sometimes unrelated parts of my body to move violently and for much longer than if I had moved them in the first place. If I try to stop this, it only leads to an intense and unbearable pain that I have never managed to ignore or withstand.

I cannot meditate. I cannot sleep without hours prior of tossing and turning unless I am at the peak of exhaustion. (I do, however, remain asleep afterwards). I need to periodically flex my hands, legs, and feet while I am sitting at my desk and often just wind up getting up and walking around, to temporarily free myself of it completely.

This is becoming very distressing and problematic. If anyone has any input, it is something I would greatly like to hear.