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Multivitamin - will it cause charley horses in legs or muscle cramps?

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robo 17 Aug 2009

It shouldn't do. Multivitamins taken in recommended doses have no commonly reported side effects.

robo 17 Aug 2009

You can find more information on leg pain, muscle cramp and charley horse at

clrcheryl1 9 Dec 2016

The only time I ever get Charley Horses in my legs at night is after I take a multi vitamin. I wake up crying in pain. So apparently there are side effects from multi vitamins.

TL Taylor 30 Jan 2018

I always get charley horses in my legs and feet when I take multivitamins. I even tried a powder multivitamin that I added to a beverage hoping I could take that without having the muscle cramping but even that caused the charley horses. It hasn't always been this way for me and I wish I knew what the problem was so that I could return to taking a multivitamin. free discount card

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