I began 4 drops daily following Glaucoma surgery. Three days post op little improvement to iritis. Called doctor and was told to triple dose next day and double dose the following day. By day 6 post op iritis symptoms gone, gained 12 pounds, and finger swollen and sore. Went to a Med Express 7 days post op and was told finger is either Gout (never had before) or Bacterial Infection. Began medication for Gout every 8 hours and antibiotics in case bacterial infection 3 times daily. Swelling almost completely down 10 days post Glaucoma surgery but allergy related symptoms start with terrible headache. I took a 24 hour Claritin D and 2 Aleive. Runny nose and sneezing stopped but head and neck feels like someone took a sledge hammer to it. This is also fist day my appetite doesn't have me stuffing myself. Can all of this be related to the eye drops since I am normally healthy but have not been without a symptom since starting them?