Over the past year and a half i have expereinced the weirdest things. Knee pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain. Bad pain and I never had a specific injury which would have caused it. Also, my vision in my left eye is poor and my eye hurts a little. Also have experienced feeling being shocked by a taser or something. Feeling as though someone was sticking a large needle deep into me. Also, my head moving back and forth by itself. Also, my limbs making large jerking movements by themselves. Also stomach cramps. I am taking norco, but it only helps the knees. It didn't help the shoulder or back. Also at one point my whole left side was in pain head to toe. I was put on prednisone & it helped the pain. Also I am extremely tired when I am on meds that should have the opposite effect. Does it sound like I could possibly have MS. I am a 43 year old female. Thanks for any input on this.