... said they thought it was the high dosage of wellbutrin I was talking. Since I've had blurry vision, double vision, I have fibro, and the pain is sometimes unbearable. Migraines have also gotten worse and more frequent. I've been to 3 neurologists, 1 diagnosing MS, one disagreeing with the other, and now going through more testing. I have several symptoms, have for over 5-7 yrs. My mri of my brain showed lesions, but spinal tap came back normal. I'm having alot of issues with my eyes, which is very scary, but it's like drs are afraid to commit to anything. The pain is terrible and I'm one that the only thing I get relief from is pain meds. This makes me someone that nobody wants to treat. I've been through injections, discograms, several forms of pt. You name it, I've probably gone through it. All together, I've been going through this for over 10 yrs. I have been diagnosed with fibro, but of course alot òf drs won't or dont believe how bad you can hurt. I just wanna know if anyone else has gone through all this trouble to get a diagnosis, to be taken seriously and be treated with what helps without being treated like a junkie??? I have no support system, at home or Anywhere Else. And this doesn't help mentally. I'm only 51, and I want to be able to enjoy my grandbabies. I need advice of how to get someone to understand and take me serious. I had three boys, we have always been very active. Now it's hard to even get out of bed most days

Any advice would be so appreciated. I live in E. Tennessee, and its very hard to find a Dr to write for anything. What's bad is you see all these people you know have nothing wrong, and they are getting meds left and right.

I apologize for the long story, Im just desperate to see if there is anyone that can help me make someone understand how bad my days are, with nights being even worse.

Thanks to anyone who took time to read this, and God bless you and I pray that you get the help that you deserve