... getting an MRI. I've been diagnosed with alot of stuff. In the beginning it was Bi-Polar: not, West Nille: not, Thyroid problems: basic tests are fine, Lupus: maybe, and now MS: maybe. How many years and doctors and tests does it take to make a diagnosis? Symptoms (in order of appearance); fatigue, got every case of cold or flu around, entire face broke out in a fine rash, memory loss began along with migraines, hair loss, weakness and dizzy spells, dysphagia and nutcracker spasms, severe stomach pain, vomiting 5-7 times a week, high loss of nerve response, severe weight loss (40lbs in 6 months), very bad short term memory loss, loss of balance, slurred speech, catheters needed to urinate, and now nothing smells or tastes correct. Is there anyone And I have a doctor for everything. And each one has a different idea but no one wants to diagnose. Who feels this is more one disease than another? Common symptoms? Thanks.