I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 12 years ago.Since then my symptoms have far surpassed any symptoms my Dr. has ever known fibro to cause. He isn't a specialist,i know i need to get to one.Dr. has even said so but as every (3) Dr. before him has known i don't have insurance.With the new laws hopefully i will be able to find what i need that i can afford in an company soon!! I have been going to a clinic all these years and they have simply been treating my symptoms the best they new how (except maybe 1 Dr.). The first Dr. i seen was very helpful & understanding about money or the lack of it & insurance.She was trying to get a consult with a neurologist after my symptoms became "more than she was qualified to treat" (her words) since i didn't have insurance to see a neurologist,she was really trying to help me.Then she was sent to another clinic.
I seen Dr. #2 who said you don't have MS after sitting on his little stool and never even touching me only decreasing my pain meds & meds for spasms?? I seen him until he left the clinic for whatever reason 9 months later.
Dr. #3 said my symptoms far passed anything Fibro could do. Seen him once.
Dr. #4 looked at me kind of cocked his he to the side & said who diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia.He then began to examine me very thoroughly. When he was done he said why haven't you seen someone for this? I looked up at him (with a very caring yet concerned look on his face) and said i have, i've been coming here for 12-13 years now! He then began to write orders for x-rays & blood work. He asked if i had MS in my family which i do.
I'm sorry this is the 1st. time i've told my story to anyone & i rambled on.
My question about how the symptoms come on,i was curious how much worse i could get and if at this point if there is meds that slow the progression. I have all the muscle problems cramps,spasms,weakness, stiffness. I walk with a cane,limb pretty bad, 1 foot is distorted in a way that it's turned on it's outside & my toes point towards my other foot.Toes - ankles,hands all started with a burning feel & now it feel more like fire ants having lunch on me or wasps stings.Eye pain,fast decreasing eye sight, headaches, slurred speech occasionally,trouble swallowing at times and less don't forget FATIGUE.
I am new and going to say sorry again for rambling but i've never talked to anyone about all this. I'm 43 years old have 2 grown daughters & 3 grandchildren. 6yrs, 3yrs and the youngest is almost 2 which she & her mommy live with me & the hubby.The thing i'm waiting on is to find an insurance that we can afford so i can get diagnosed but mostly treated to slow down my symptoms if that even possible!!
Thank you to whom ever takes the time to read this or answer !!