Around a year ago I noticed a small lump in my forearm (about mid-way between my wrist and elbow). Recently I have noticed a small one near my right elbow and another one the size of a pea near my left elbow. At the end of December I noticed a rather large hard lump on my neck beneath my left ear near the jaw. I saw my GP, an ER Dr., and a surgeon about a month ago and none of them seemed very concerned. I'm scheduled for a follow-up with the surgeon in about a week. None of the original lumps have gone away and I now have another hard one beneath my right ear near the jaw and around 4 other smaller pea sized ones in my neck and another small one near my right elbow. I haven't been sick the last few months and since they haven't gone away I'm thinking they aren't from an infection or illness so they could be a sign of some form of cancer. Is seeing a surgeon the correct thing to do? What kind of specialist should I see? I have between 12 and 18 of these lumps that I know of. I haven't really been able to eat or sleep the last few days out of worry and I am just looking for some advice. Thank You.