First 2 or 3 times I ended up in the hospital being treated for a colon infection. I thought it was a coincidence. I was even scheduled for surgery once they cleared up the infection. The thinking was, after treating me for diverticulosis with 7 hospitalizations in 5 years called for a resection. The day before the surgery was to take place, a colonoscopy showed that I had nothing wrong with my colon ( just as all of the previous ones had indicated,but I had all the sypmtoms so they insisted that is what it was)) I have lived in Fla. for 3 years now and have not had the allergy porblems I had up north, so I did not need MucinexDM for the last three years. With all of the rain, my allergies were congesting me, so I decided to try it again. Guess what... I woke up this morning with severe pain, just like every time when the "divertocuilosis" was developing before. I took some mag. citrate and cleaned everything out and the pain went away. It HAS to be more that a coinecidence, but I wonder if anyone else has had this?