I wake up every morning and take 5mg Ativan 1mg used to be enough for me and over the course of 6 years it's gotten bad so I take about 10 to 15 mg of Ativan a day because I get a 60 supply but I'm scared and I end up running out in 5 days in & my heart really really wants to let this go I would have never started taking it if I knew side effects would be this bad they almost made me feel like I was going schizo. I got no sleep for 13 days .. I stayed in my room for a week..I couldn't hold a conversation.. I got bad thoughts like a crazy person. Never have I ever felt these horrible withdrawals. I guess..

This life is not what I could have ever imagined for myself a 27 yr old can't keep a job can't and my family notices. Anyone else with success stories after years w this hell of a drug. Any crazy natural remedy or alternative.