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How is ms treated? Are the treatments different than fibro treatment?

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kaismama 18 Oct 2014

Much different. There are medications specifically for ms. In fibro we have no actual nerve damage, in ms you do.

loveleigh44 18 Oct 2014

Thank you. I was diagnosed with fibro many years ago but my DR is now saying I may have MS. I am waiting in my insurance to start. My dr says he has me on a lot of the same meds he would use if I am diagnosed with MS.

kaismama 18 Oct 2014

Yes things for nerve pain, but there are meds for ms that lessen the number of relapses that you wouldn't get with fibro. He really needs to do an mri before he can diagnose you for sure. If you do have it you should see a neurologist. If you need the drugs they are very expensive but the manufacturers have assistance plans that work with your insurance. We do have some of the same symptoms as ms.

Quando62 19 Oct 2014

My wife had progressive Secondary MS and symptons are SO much the same. They actually told her she had Fibro for 10 years until she lost vision in one eye and then confirmed MS. OK, some medications for fibro are the same as those for MS, BUT their are drugs specific for MS. They are more agressive. I saw a big difference when my wife took her monthly Soly drip. Do your research very agressively on meds for MS, cause they can be life threatening, I know becuase one I can't mention here took her life.

bruthd 20 Oct 2014

So sorry about your wife. We must be so careful about our meds. I've had some scary reactions.

loveleigh44 20 Oct 2014

I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for your response and advice. I am also going blind in both eyes. I was finally diagnosed with limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) I would just like some relief.

Day11 13 Nov 2014

I am on almost all meds that are used for Fibro - ms is an autoimmune disease effecting your nerves, Fibro is overactive nerves causing widespread pain. My meds only have a few differences and that's in dosages - Lyrica and for ms I have Baclofen which I think would help Fibro patients as well. I was on all the same meds before diagnosed with ms and 6 years later Fibro -- 15 years as a walking pharmaceutical and now I figure out diet and specific exercise (physical therapy and swimming) has been the biggest of benefits free discount card

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