Back in 2002 my right arm went numb and it started traveling down the right side on my body. Back then I had the tingles common with MS, and I also had no coordination of my right hand. I couldn't write, hold a fork, brush my teeth, and many other things. But I also had extreme pain in my right arm. Long story short, I had MRI's done of my head, cervical, & thoracic spine. The cranial MRI showed the white spots common of MS. I also showed Demyelinating Plaque between c2 and c3 of the cervical spine. I was hospitalized and given 3 treatments of Solumedrol, a very powerful steroid. In the following 3 months the symptoms improved, but I always have severe pain in my right arm. I was sent to a team of neurologists who didn't know if I had MS. They sent me to the chief neurologist of a large University hospital. He did his own work up, including his Lumbar puncture, and 3 rounds of blood tests. He asked if any other family had MS, and back then, no one did. He concluded I don't have MS. He said it was a 1 time thing, and he left the pain management to my PCP. Today I take Buprenorphine for the pain. I was poor back then, but I'm poverty stricken now. Besides this, in 2007 a cousin in his 50's was dx with MS.

The curious thing is my cousin is plagued with exhaustion, and so am I. My cousin found a neurologist who has MS himself, and this Doc, in conjunction with other neurologists have started treating the exhaustion with Adderall. That's not a drug I want to take. But I am constantly exhausted. Granted I'm 61 yrs old, I have COPD, Colon problems, Gout, and various spinal issues, but the exhaustion is unbearable. It never occurred to me that whatever causes the nerve damage may also be causing the exhaustion.
Does anyone have any ideas, especially people with MS?