The doctorsng again that I need to be tested for MS. Does anyone out there have it? How were you diagnosed and what were your symptoms? Are you in pain all the time? I am scared and I am trying to trust God to help me but I have so many other issues it is bringing me down. I suffer a lot with pain and muscle cramps and fatigue. Like I said I have so many other health issues so this is hard to take. I have had blood work but the doctor said a spinal tap is necessary. A spinal tap is hazardous for me too because I have to come off my Coumadin for awhile and I have all kinds of rods, screws, pins etc in my back. I usually have to stay overnight if a spinal tap is done because of the hazards. Please people I really need support now, you were all there for me when I had the cancer scare and I need you again. Thanks my friends, marjorie zych