My name is Jen... I'm 40 yrs old & was DX with MS in 2000 when I was 25yrs old... I have been through many meds & ups & downs but 6 yrs ago I made a complete life style change... Started following the Swank Diet (which I recommend for anyone with MS... It is a literal life saver because red meats are the worst for people with MS... I regained complete use of my legs & hands & feet... I no longer feel as if I am walking through quicksand) the main problem I still have is fatigue... I have major fatigue!!! I have taken 200mg provigil 2 times a day for yrs... It has not been helping really anymore... I feel as if I'm walking around in a fog most of the time... So my Dr has started me on 10mg Adderall 2 tomes a day... I need to know what your thoughts may be on this & how long it takes before you feel the affects from it & if you think it is something that would help me... I need my energy to get through the day... Any advice would be appreciated... Thank you & have a great day