Previously, I was on Oxycontin 40mg x3 with Roxicodone 30mg x4 PRN for breakthrough pain.

When the Oxycontin 40mg began to loose its effectiveness, instead of increasing the dose I chose to first try and switch over to MS-Contin 60mg x3, with the same breakthrough medication to see if MS-Contin would work better.

The first two weeks of MS-Contin 60mg was great. The third week is when I began to notice neuropathy in my hands and arms (mostly on the left side). Additionally, I've noticed that my muscle spasms are more severe and last much longer, even with a muscle-relaxant.

If this is a side-effect that will go away, I'm okay with waiting it out. However, if its not, I rather ask my doctor to switch to a new medication or go back to Oxycontin with a increased dose.

Just wanted some input from other users so I can ask more informed questions and have a more meaningful discussion with my doctor. Next appointment is in 2 weeks.

Thanks 4 your input.