I've been on MS Contin 15mg 3xday every 8 hrs since 10/15 when I left hospital for spinal fusion. My doctor said they mailed me the script 3 days ago, I only have 5 pills left and I don't get the script today Sat 11/6 afternoon, I will run out before Monday morning when I can have someone ride me out to his office (kinda far away) to get an actual script vs waiting in the mail till Mon afternoon. I'm wondering if I can just increase from every 8 hrs to every 12 hrs to get me through the weeekend. I have 5 mg Valium I can take for muscle spasms every six hrs as needed. Like right now I am due for my 8 hr dose, my pain is tolerable, if I didn't take this dose and waited I'd need a Valium for pain/spasms. I am going to take this dose cause hopefully it'll come in mail today (Sat), but if it doesn't come the only way I'd make it till Monday afternoon till I can get out to his ofice is by going every 12 hrs. I think pain wise I can probably handle it, as I'm not sure if it's nore pain or more muscle spasms at this point, think it's spasms cause I get pain into my neck and down my shoulders. Not horrible, but a Valium helps.. I talked to a pharmacists and he said I can do whatever I want but he can't of course advise me. Has anyone ever run into this where your stuck for a day or two and need to "stretch " MS Contin out? again, I'm on the lowest dose 15mg. There was one day alread that I slept through my dosage and woke up 4 hrs later so it was actually 12 hrs, but then started back on my regular schedule of every 8 hrs which is why I am up at 4:30 am in the morning even writing this!! I have 5 pills left. If anyone has experienced this please let me know. I think when I see my surgeon for follow up on 11/17 he'll start to wean me to once every 12 hrs but not 100% sure yet. ... The pharmacists said I prob wouldn't feel any withdrawal symptoms cause it's a low dose, but he's not sure. Any help appreciated. (I'llalso prob ending up caling the Dr on call at my surgeons office this afternoon if script doen't come in the mailto ask them too).