I have been reading the reviews on MS Contin and would like clarification from you folks if you are taking ( ER) or not. Some people where taking much greater doses than I am , yet I think we have similar pain levels.
I have two types of curvature of the back: I have a 60% scoliosis curvature, with 7 herniated disks, with 3 of them being impinged ( pinched nerve). I also have a 50% curvature front to back ( like hump on back) which my Doctor says is causing the most severe pain. Of course I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disk, fibromyliga . I want to comment here that I never had any curvature of the spine until I had a knee replacement which left my legs uneven. It wasn't then that I started to curve. That was only 10 years ago, so my curvatures have all happened in 10 years.
My pain Doc is conservative and has me on 60 mg ER, in am and 30 Mg ER pm. I am still in pain at night worse than day, but she does listen to me and wants to help. I am shocked at some of the levels you folks are taking but am very glad if they are allowed to be prescribed and helping you.