I believe I have developed an MRSA-infection deep in my skin. About 2 years ago I had a jaw-surgery and I have this problem since then. It sometimes swells on both side of my face exactly where the surgeons made their incisions. From time to time it comes back and the degree of swelling is depending on how tired I feel or weak I am. It seems like the less resistance I have, the worse it gets. It's very local as it is very clear where the swelling begins and stops. It's very obvious that it's an inflammation process. Most of the time my eyes become red and very sunken too what confirmed the inflammation speculation. Doctors ruled out as well as everything else; thyroid problems, adrenal problems, gut problems, allergic responses... About 3 weeks ago I visited a naturopathic and he assured me through several homeopathic test I was MRSA-positive and the swelling, red eyes and overal inflammation in that area was due to the bacteria. As treatment he suggested colloidal silver which I'm doing intensively for the last 3 weeks. But no sign of progression at all. Now my big question is can MRSA only cause swelling without any pain, redness (of the skin) or pus? If so, can colloidal silver really be my salvation? So far it's doing nothing. Thank you so much!