Hello all. I'm back. I had a question. I saw my doctor yesterday and she is moving my dose to 70 mg? I've been on Vyvanse for about 2 months now. I told her my body and focus works great when I am doing physical things like work but when it comes to academics such as reading.. I have no drive. she said it might be becuase I am not on the adult dose yet. I also told her my self estem comes and goes. when I feel very energetic. thats when I feel the confidence. so drinking caffiene on this Vyvanse gives me the confidence. so she also thought it might be the dose since I am at 60 mg. my sleeping is better now, mood, etc . I have great focus with physical work but still the academic part. will another 10 mg do the trick? 70 mg that is since I am on 60mg? I have 3 months to figure this out before my last year of school in college. I'm trying to fix my life with this free education and seeing a doctor since I never saw one and was tested for adhd when I was a kid. I was so energetic I was out of control. now being 33 I am calm but sieems if I dont have energy my confidence and lack of concentration makes me depressed.I can fix my life with this 13 months of nly school and no work and this medictaion has helped with everyting besides the academic part like reading. writing isnt a problem.i could write for hours. so it seems I am not a reader I guess or have the skills to listen to someone talk after a minute. i am wondering if anybody has heard of this or experienced it of what i mentioned. thanks all for your help, experiences and advice