I am a 49 yr old pain patient since my injury in 2010. Long story short, I hope. When i moved I left my wonderful PM Dr. In Florida. Before I left I got my MS Contin 100mg 1 tab 2xs daily refilled and my Lyrica 75mg, 1 cap 2x daily and
my Zanaflex (muscle relaxer) 1 tablet up to three times daily as needed. I am also taking Percocet 1 tab 4 times daily for break thru. However that prescription cant b filled until the end of the month but I had enough until my next refill. I fill all my scripts at WalMart and there is one where I moved to. THANK GOD!!! For small favors. So I went to the local one pharmacy explained my situation of what I am telling u guys in this post about moving, that I am applying for Arkansas medicaid, and I am trying to establish a new relationship with them. Great no problem, spoke to the pharmacy manager to see if she would be willing to fill my Percocet script from Florida and shocking enough she said yes. Even though I would have to pay cash, I didn't care. So I did get Ark medicaid, I went and established a primary care Dr and I located a new PM dr. So I am trying to get to my question. So for the first time a doctor cares about.what they read from previous MRI. From 2015 and 2016. She calls me after my appointment and wants to schedule a new MRI. GREAT awesome thank you. But their referral nurse is dragging her heals in sending out those referrals that I need to get my appointment at PM.
Closer to my question. Sorry for this being dragged out but all info is important. For you guys to have enough info to maybe help me.?
Anyway as you are all probably aware my new PcP can't write a script for my long acting medicines. I can't afford the 200.00 dollars to go to another pain management doctor to get those medicine because I would still need a referral anyway. So I am stuck waiting and quickly getting low on my Percocet. Oh and I did call my primary to try to goose her in the ass to get her to send the referral to my new pain management to at least get an appointment set ASAP. But I'm not getting anywhere. Tomorrow Thursday the 26th I'm getting my MRI if I haven't heard from her after that I will be going to the primary to speak with her. That way I can't b ignored like on the phone. I also understand that they have other patients but this just takes less than 1 minute to fax some paperwork. So here is the question.when I run out of my Percocet I will be in terrible pain and deathly ill as u all probably know. What can i do so I don't have to go thru that. Can I go to the ER, do u think they would b willing to prescribe anything to help me get thru this without suffering, should I speak to my pcp. Bc I neglected to ask her what I should do if this happens.
What does anyone think I can do.?
I have degenerative disc disease all in my spine, I have L2/3, mild spinal stenosis and a failed back surgery at L4/5 that is herniated now and I also have moderate spinal stenosis in this area too. L5S1 I have a tear in the disc, in my thoracic, I have at least three herniated disc but I don't have my MRI in front of me to say exactly Which ones that are herniated too. Which causes numbness and pain in my thoracic area. I have sharp pain that comes from my back and tailbone and electric shocks that radiate down my legs, not both but which ever one my body and nerves decide to torture me with at the time. I have neuropathy in my legs and arms, and I have an undiagnosed neck pain as well. So yes I am in a lot of pain. And in the last six months I am unable to walk more than 20 ft without my legs cramping up in my hips and making me stop in my tracks to rest. So anyone that is bored in there life enough to have read my crap. I thank you but what do u feel I can do so I don't have to suffer until my new PM appointment? I no longer am into a pm contract so do I have any options...
Thank you