... it or pharmacies not carrying it. I have compression fractures and waited to I was out, wanting to establish a good relationship w new primary.
I called about 20 pharmacies ( chain, mom and pop), no one had it. I realize they don't want to take those calls but I can't drive to 20 places. I found a place in Beverly Hills and the price for 2/3 of my script was double what I paid a month ago for the whole script(150.00) I saw a comment that someone said a central la pharmacy carried it?, and was curious if anyone else had a good reliable place w good cash prices, la or even the valley? I don't want to do this again in three weeks and not be able to even afford my BT meds, and end up spending double my money to be undermedicated. Of course the recommendation will remain private if you can email me. I am also curious if anyone carries the 100
Mg tablet as if I could cut wry 30 out that may help but thought finding the 60mg tablet was a standard drug most stocked for those of us wo insurance who can't buy a 1200.00 script of some of the other er meds. Best