I'd been taking 150 mg twice a day for the last 3 mths. I have had 2 deaths within the last 4 wks & I'd had the flu & had taken the tamiflu. While on the tamiflu I started having partial seizures so I called my neurologist who told me to double my current dosage of the trileptal. I've done so for the last week - started getting little itchy bumps all over. Called the dr again she told me to take 1 1/2 pills twice a day - lowering their first suggestion. Woke up this morning with what I would say feels as if it is 2 ulcers under my tongue... so this morning I just took the original starting dose. I did leave a msg again for my dr - I just want off of everything just to see how my body will react afterall they never could figure out why after 36 yrs I just out of the blue began to have seizures. Is this a good decision? I'm tired of feeling crazy & if I try another drug it'll be the 4th & I'm just not up to how they make me feel - I've gained so much weight & I'm so depressed.