Hi, so this is what I been having. It all started 2 weeks ago. Out of no where I woke up one day and I had this feeling that I couldn't breath rt on the mouth of my stomach. It feels like a ball is in there and has the appearance that I cant breath but I can just really uncomfortable. The yesterday I ate my breakfest and during work I experience this tightness on my neck I could breath n drink water but puting food down was tough. It felt like I had something stuck on my throat rt in the lower part of my throat. Now I got an endoscopy that came out clear. They didn't say I had gerd but they did gave me 40mg of plotonix. And yeah it worked rt away but I started having really bad diarrheas like 4 times a day I kinda look like a mix of stool with blood. The I had dizziness and nausea. So I stopped using it. Its been about a week and just yesturday after I had bfest my throat got so tight and that feeling in the mouth of my stomach came back again. I got a appointment with my primary doctor today. Any thoughts on what I should do?