... then gradually increasing altitude, 2 days Aguas Callientes 6800 feet, 2 days Ollantaytambo 9200 feet. This is not a trecking holiday but minimal exertion. We then return to Lima to travel onto Arequipa 8000 feet. However due to a flight alteration of 12 hours we have to spend 24 hours in Lima (sea level) before flying to Arequipa then travelling over the Patapampa pass 16000 feet within 5 hours of being at sea level for 24 hours. We are therefore going from sea level to 16000 feet in no time at all. My question is, do you lose your acclimitisation by spending 24 hours back at sea level. Would we be better booking an earlier flight from Lima to Arequipa so that time in Lima is minimal and there would be an extra 12 hours or so to acclimatise in Arequipa before the pass. Also, am I being over cautious as we are only travelling over the pass stopping for a few minutes then sleeping at 8000 feet anyway which we would have already done earlier in the trip. There is no sleeping above 9200 feet on the whole trip, which I had planned well but putting the flight back out of Lima has me wanting to cancel tbe whole Arequipa portion of the trip. Some travel sickness is fine, HAPE HACE are not.
Any advice would be welcome