Hello, my name is Brian. I have been an opiate user for about 12 years. I started out around 12 years old with percs, then to OC's and on to heroin. I have detoxed in every single kind of way. I have been on suboxone for about 1 and a half years. I have started out on 24 mg a day which is crazy but o well and I tapered down to 2 mg a day over that period. I recently had some changes in my life for the better but left behind my job which also took my insurance. I have been trying to get off suboxone for awhile and I stopped taking it and I am on day 3 without it. I know that I should have cut down more but what can you do. Now onto the withdrawal. I dont believe in the half life because I woke up everyday sick when I was on it so my withdrawal started the morning after taking my last dose. Now this withdrawal is nothing compared to getting off heroin or OC's. I have felt run down, leg cramps, minor upset stomache, and so on. I am completely fine with this withdrawal, I even walked 20 min on tradmill today to sweat that crap out of me. I am motivated and im starting to feel better every second. Im not gonna lie when I say this is annoying though. I havent took any substitutions because i just want to get it over with. My question is to anyone who has done it this way or close to it. Do you think im almost through it? I dont want it to go on for a couple weeks. I hope someone has some answers out there. For anyone who is experiencing this, go in with the right mind set. When I would detox in the past I would crawl up and cry haha until it was over and that is not the way to do it. Even though I didnt feel good I forced myself to walk and It did help. Hope to hear from you soon