My 88-year-old mother has just come off 4 pages of medications that have been heaped upon her over the years. She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's; however, since narrowing her meds from six pages to two, she can now follow a discussion, form her own sentences, and remember things that happened days ago. In other words she is coherent after many years. She is in a nursing home after suffering two strokes over the past year, and she was agitated and unable to sleep last night. She takes a low dose of Cymbalta in the morning, and she is on breathing treatments with albuterol four times per day for congestion remaining after a bout with double pneumonia. The doctor at the nursing home wants to put her on Ambien or Trazodone to help calm her, and I have refused both of them. I need to find something for her to take that will not fog her brain and cause her to slip back into mental numbness.