First used Bactroban topically along with Vancomycin until renal failure then one antibiotic after another. Infection now spread over half her chest with blisters and blood in less than a week. Yesterday they said has squamous cell from biopsy. Confused as to how an infection got so out of control that now squamous cell cancer. WBC went from 0 to 18.8 in five days PLTS from 89 to 507 in same time frame now WBC 3.5 and PLTS 600. What does all this mean? Where do I go for help when doctors don't know. She was also just diagnosed with congestive heart failure with pericardial effusion. We have an Oncologist, General, pathologist, infectious disease and plastic surgeon on the case and all stumped never seeing and infection from a port like this. Any help or direction would be appreciated.