Last night my mother went to the ER because she got a severe nose bleed and couldn't get it to stop. It wasn't dripping, it was pouring to the point she kept choking on her own blood. Once she was seen she was told that she had been overdosing on Prozac. A month ago she got a prescription and has been taking the prescribed amount. 8 pills daily, 20mg pills(that's what is on the bottle). When I looked this up I found that it was WAY over the maximum dosage. We don't know if it was error of the dr or the pharmacy. We are going to check into it more after they open this morning. We have never been involved any type of "legal action", but does this warrant it? I believe she could have died. And she had been having problems for the last month.(dizziness, sleepiness, stomach problems, nausea) At the very least I thought they could pay for her ER visit. Thank you