... weeks 'assessment' to help her out. This was after her medication was changed and she started feeling 'empty'.. She ended up spending 3 months in hospital and only has come out on our insistence as she got worse and worse every day in hospital. She has a neurological disorder as in her neck has crumbled and suffers from spasmodic torticolis and was on medication for that as well as pain killers and anti depressants. The hospital increased her anti depressants and she started becoming worse and worse to such an extent as she is now unable to do anything herself. We have to bath her, encourage her to dress, make her go to the toilet etc. She is hallucinating most of the time and sees numbers and 'noughts and crosses' and is 'in another time zone'. We are at our witts end and desperate to have our mom back who at Christmas was a normal mother and is now pretty much a zombie who hallucinates.. Any help will be appreciates... Her drugs have been 'reduced' and she is now on trifluorperazine 2mg at night, venlafaxine 150mg in the morning and orlanzaprine 15mg in the evening. She also has Enoxaparin 150mg injections at night as she had blood clots a few months ago in her leg. She is weighing about 70kgs