radiation, chemo, surgery, herceptin, and now anastrozole pill daily. everything looks good as of now, no sign of metastasis, etc. She had a stroke 6 years ago and is on numerous medications. My mother appears fatigued much of the time and in looking at the drug interactions on this site, I'm wondering if I should be talking with her primary physician about adjusting her meds. My particular meds of concern are her taking both gabapentin 400mg, 3x's daily for neuropathy and paxil 20mg together and also her blood pressure/cholesterol meds- Diltiazem 90mg-3x's daily, metoproplol 50mg-2x's daily, lisinopril-20mg's 2x's daily, and lovastatin-20mg-1x daily. Her blood pressure has been excellent, perhaps even slightly low, the doctor reduced her Lisinopril to once per day about 8 months ago. Wondering if it's time to look at further adjustments of the meds. In regards to the Gabapentin- I have always wondered about this med as she was put on it right after the stroke but never really complained about much pain. Her Cancer doc takes blood every 3 months and so far no sign of anemia. She finished her cancer treatment in May and I guess maybe it will take some time to bounce back from this as well, but wondering about the meds and what I should be discussing with her primary doc in this area. Thanks for any input you can provide. I realize this doesn't substitute with conferring with her doctor but hoping to gain any input here and maybe help make the upcoming appointment more productive in what I should be discussing with the doctor.