This breaks my heart. I suffer from depression anxiety. I have tried more than 10 antidepressants and have never managed to feel myself. The only two that somehow worked were Elavil and duloxetine. My doctor wants me back on amitriptyline 150mg since it helped more than duloxetine but I hate to be on a med while doesn’t allow me to feel connected to my children. I’ve forgotten how life is.. I cry at work on the bus. I cry cry all day. He wants to add Viibryd to amitriptyline but this combo doesn’t make sense to me. I have been on SSRI and I have never done well on them. Viibryd is a new SSRI how can combine it with amitriptyline... please help me with some thoughts. I’m so desperate to feel myself. I tried amitriptyline with Abilify omg I hated. Also duloxetine with Buspar I got worse. I’m begging my doc to give me lithium even though I’m not bipolar.. he says no. Please help me