My mother, 60, has been struggling with very strange skin problems for over a year now. She has these "barnacles" or patches of itchy things that came up mostly on legs and arms. Additionally, her hands and feet go through a horrible peeling/cracking/bleeding and she can barely walk. I got her into UVA at a dermatologist who was convinced she had a drug allergy and now treats her for generalized dermatitis. My sister, a RN, went to a cancer seminar in FL (we live in VA) and attended a track on T-cell. She talked to some doctors afterward, showed some pics, and based on symptoms and skin they told her it looked very much like T-cell. The dermatologist at UVA doesn't think that's what it is but I'm not sure she has done a specific test. As of right now, my mom has been down/out for 3+ weeks with her feet peeling/cracking/bleeding and is in a lot of pain with that. She uses the medicine the doctor gave her and also coats her feet with vaseline after bathing--to no avail. These "spells" with her feet last a month or more and it typically happens twice a year. Her skin also goes through "phases" and these patches get better then sometimes she will flare up. The doctor doesn't really think they are eczema either.