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Morphine Users. Any success stories?

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mpvt 19 Feb 2010

I was averaging 3,000 mgs a day of morphine and usually more than that. I was actively abusing for just over 23 years everyday, I had never ever been in withdrawal that whole 23 years. I was a total pig and after the first couple of years I couldn't get even a tingle off the shit but I was terribly addicted to it by then. I abused them all but always seemed to come back to morphine or heroin.
Depending on how long and how much you've been abusing will determine how you can get into recovery. I tried to go into rehab but I abused the whole time I was there and they finally threw me out after 4 days. I am a atheist so the 12 step doesn't do shit for me but it did for my Dad who was a member of AA for close to 50 years. So you have to read up on the different types of recovery programs out there and go from there.
I myself went with methadone as it allows the brain to slowly revert back to it's original chemical state before I started abusing. Also the methadone doesn't interfere with endorphin replacement which most other opiates block their production. You don't nod to get screwy when you're on a stable dose and if you use it correctly it can really help you get your life on track. I was on a disability pension and didn't move off my couch for almost 15 of the 23 years. I was bringing up bile daily and I was down to 123lbs.
Today after almost 8 years on methadone I have brought my daily dose down from 400mgs a day to 120mgs a day and I am functioning better then I ever have. I am working full time and back to being active in my community. My weight is back up to my normal 170-175lbs. So there are all kinds of success stories with all opiate addicts. You have to be ready to get into and stay into recovery and it can take many tries but never give up and one of these days you will be looking back and remembering when you used to abuse morphine... Hang in there it's worth it...

TermanatorWench 19 Feb 2010

Well i'm mainly seeking help for my boyfriend, he's been abusing for 10 or more years. I was only abusing for a few months. I am 5 days clean and feeling fine. The 1st 3 days were a little rough but I wasn't using that much I luckily was able to go cold turkey. I know that's not the case for him. We are seperated at the moment only by living situation. My family is going to offer him serious help soon, sort of like an "intervention" and we understand he has to want to do it. He doesn't beleive he has a problem. I am pre-paring myself for him to deny and then it's out of my hands from there. I need to move on I think. He's cutting and snorting it or chewing it. All day everyday I belive 200mg a day. He stops breathing at night, passes out with cigarettes in the bed, very bad mood swing, isolates himself, irritated all the time. And he's a truck driver so that's scary too. Now i beleive if he does methadone he can't drive a truck? I also read about another thing. Rapid Anesthesia Morphine Detox? Have you heard of that?

mpvt 19 Feb 2010

the rapid detox is a failure, the problem being is it clears the body of the opiates but the brain chemistry stays the same. It's very expensive and has a 90+% relapse rate. He could try suboxone (buprenorphene) it is also used like methadone and is very successful. He could legally drive while under a doctors care with this med...

barbles2413 19 Feb 2010

Are taking it for medical purposes or other

TermanatorWench 22 Feb 2010

He tells me he "needs" morphine do to a car accident he was involved in years ago. But he has never had a doctor tell him he needs it. I know he "needs" it right now because he's addicted but the actual need for morphine for his back I honestly dont beleive a doctor would prescribe that to him. He doesn't seem in that much pain. I beleive he used to be on Oxy's from the accident but got messed up with that. He's just an abuser I guess
:( So my father is a huge influence on him. He is going to get help for him if he would like to have any relationship with me in the far future, but if not he has to stay away from me and the whole family. So he is kinda getting an altimatum/intervention. Could never do a real intervention he supports himself and his only friend is his supplier. My family and myself don't want to jepordize my own soberness. I'm still vulnerable at this time.

mpvt 22 Feb 2010

You are doing the right thing, if he doesn't want the help or refuses then screw'em he's history. You know very well that he will ust drag you down. He will likely get busted eventually anyway if he's buying them off some loser. Take care of yourself first and foremost. Stick close to the ones you can trust and tell him to F.O... Good luck and hang in there you're doing great...

barbles2413 20 Feb 2010

I take Avinza 120mg which is a long acting morphine and morphne sulfate imm 15mg every 4 hours for breakthrough pain and i like it much metter than other pain meds i have been and i didn't like taking percocet because of the tylenol too much tylenol everday for years hope this helps barb free discount card

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