i had a 18 fot fall onto concrete landinding on feet two scews in ankles 10 years ago8 more siugeries since i have multiple spine injuries cervcail 1--- 5 bone spures 6th fractured lumbar 1-4are damaged i been advised by two nuro doctors not to have surgeies on cervical spine until later im 43 now full body bone scan showes skeleto of 70 year old with osteoarhritis every were ive was on percacet 10 mg 4 daily pain managment doctor put me on 15mg morphine ir it has my pulsr rate levels 35 to 45 primary doc says dangerios low if has made me stop muscle relaxer and xnanx the instant reaction keeps me cold and lost of energy need some advice to change med ask you can tell im not in good shape also going to have to call pain managment doc i have to stop this morphine because of with draws from xnax and severe muscle spasms it so hard to explain this all to pain doctor he is so busy im going to stop pain med until i can talk to him i will be suffering if any body has any advice on what kind of meds will work also remember the 10 mg percacet had slowly quit working over the years sorry about spelling im in pain levl10 im going to doctor tommrow morn please give me advice on what meds you would thik work sorry so long thank you