I've been on Morphine Sulphate Tablets (MST) for years but suddenly after a bout of other illnesses and a bunch of other drugs including Lansoprazole I feel like the MST is now suddenly much stronger... Can this be true? If so what should I do? Has anyone experienced this and do they have any advice? I came off the Lansoprazole as quickly as I could as of yesterday and slightly reduced my MST but I still feel very weird. Not only do I feel like I'm not really with it all the time but I haven't slept for more than the maximum an hour in one go for 2 weeks. I also should say when I try to lie down to sleep my breathing tends to become laboured and I am also having a lot of nose bleeds which isn't helping the nose bleeds. Can anyone help please as my GP didn’t even bother to check that MST and Lansoprazole was a bad idea in a lot of cases??? Thank you in advance for your time and hopefully your help because I really need help PLEASE…!!!